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Choosing Analytics that Fit Your Needs

SMART Exchange will be a hub for powerful video search algorithms that will empower the user with the ability to sort through recorded contents with increased efficiency. The current version of BCSI software already filters recorded material using the Motion Detect and the Time Lapse features to facilitate your search through recorded video. Powerful algorithms available in the market today can do more than search through content for motion. These algorithms, often referred to as video analytics in the industry, allows users to search for specified actions such as “Loitering”, “Left Object / Package Detection”, “Intrusion”, and “Counter Flow Movement” as well as specific colors/objects in the field of view such as “a red shirt” or “yellow shorts”.

Search using these video analytics is not a silver bullet. The user must still playback the recorded material to produce the footage of interest. We believe, however, that if these analytics can be offered to you at a relatively low cost, it will be better than not having them at all. In the near future, this section of our website will showcase many algorithms written by individuals, universities and enterprises. You will be able to choose and seamlessly integrate any one of these algorithms to enhance your search experience. Read through each analytics application and select the add-on app that best fits your company’s security needs.  We will include the option for you to easily test the add-on app FREE for 30 days with no obligation to buy. 





























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