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Effortless Cost-Saving Remote Control of your Heating and Air Conditioning

In future software releases the Flexion application will include an option to enable remote control of your home or business environmental system. Simply connect the Flexion application via Cat. 5/6 cable to any standard thermostat with serial read/write capability. Your thermostat can receive signals using RS-232/422/485 communications protocol, allowing the thermostat's set point, mode, and fan operation to be changed. Additionally, the system can request the status of the thermostat's temperature, set points, modes, and other system information. For Remote control of your HVAC system access via any Web Enabled browser - your PC at work, your cell phone in the car, your wireless Smartphone on the Golf Course. This new application enhancement will allow you to maximize the energy efficiency of your heating and air conditioning, saving you money and increasing your level of environmental comfort.


















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